We democratize the use of Data and Artificial Intelligence

We industrialize solutions, that are intelligible and useful on a daily basis, in a very short span of time, for the business while being easily deployed on a large scale.

More about us

Our expertise

We adapt to our client’s environment, work hand in hand with its teams, while combining Cloud technologies, AGILE methods and DevOps culture,to speed-up industrialization.

Data Engineering

We centralize and organize data through the construction of Data and ETL platforms 

AI for Automation

Or automate your business processes to improve the customer experience

Data Science for Decision

We use it to come up with the best decisions

DevSecOps & Cloud

All this entirely leans on a focused approach, when it comes to delivery.
We deliver turnkey projects, intervene on consulting missions while also developing our very own solutions.

Our client cases

We make our teams partner up with clients, to meet business challenges in a very short span of time.

Support in creating medicines

Scoring and skin analysis

Detection of beaconing

Detection of trends on social networks

Supply chain optimization application

Customer need analysis platform

Agricultural field yields

Data Hub design and implementation

They trust us

Why us ?


Founded in 2015 by 33 experts and Data/IA referents within large OEMs, innovative SMEs and/or startups


Business-Centric product approach combined with a Data-Driven and DevOps culture to ensure the industrialization of applications


Each employee has 10 days free per year, for training or implementing new technologies


20% of our expens are forcused on researching innovative use cases or methods/tools to promote deployment


Each employee goes through a demanding recruitment process :

  • Technical tests
  • Logic tests
  • Reference checks

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