Supply chain optimization application

Context and issues

Analyze current processes, to optimize the Supply Chain and improve operational performance.
Improve the range of pharmacies through a very fine granularity rate depending on location, population etc.
Optimize supplies, inventory management and the delivery channel.




Set up and maintain an application to analyze the existing situation and identify areas for improvement through Machine Learning algorithms and operational research.
Define the new practices to be implemented and explain how to do it.


Our intervention


2 Data Scientist, 1 Data Engineer​, 1 operations research consultant

    • Recovery, cleaning, and processing of data which is required for the project
    • Development of analysis algorithms, operational research, and prediction
    • Continuous improvement of learning algorithms for better prediction
    • Team collaboration on the project using agile methodology
    • Test, acceptance, and production of the project



Application in terms of the production and functional aspect.
Positive feedback from operational teams whose work becomes more efficient
In view of the very good results, the client plans to deploy the application over a larger scope


Technical environment


Python – Pandas – Numpy – Skleam – Tenserflow – Keras – Pytorch – Azure – GitLab CI

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