Trend detection on social networks

Context and problematic

In an increasingly competitive industry, our client wishes to analyze the content of social networks, to detect future trends.


Collect a very large amount of data through social networks.
Grasp changes in target audiences.
Detect new consumer segments.
Anticipate ruptures and changes in habits and behaviors.

Our intervention

2 Data Scientist, 1 Data Engineer

  • Implementation of Datalake and data pipeline with automated data collection
  • Development of text and image analysis algorithms
  • Sentiment analysis and scoring of collected data
  • Integration of machine learning algorithms for better prediction of trends
  • Development of the visualization application in reactJS and VueJS


Functional platform with updated information in real time.
Our client’s marketing team uses it on a daily basis!
A V2 with a personalized marketing campaign function is considered.

Technical environment

Python – Pandas – Numpy – Sklearn – Tensorflox – Keras – Pytorch
Cassandra – Hbase – ElasticSearch – Apache Kafka
ReactJS – VueJS

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