Content personalization

Context and problematic

The Data team of this large French media company is in charge of analyzing the traffic and actions taken on their website,
In a context where content personalization is more and more present on websites, it is also in charge of the personalization of the website, thanks to the large amount of data generated every day.


Accompany the client in the reflection and implementation of methods to personalize the content for the users. The objective is to build reader loyalty and increase visits to the site.
Visualization and analysis of the traffic on the site.
Creation of a personalized daily newsletter

Our intervention

1 Data Scientist, 1 Data Analyst

  • Definition of KPIs to monitor traffic trends on the site.
  • Improved score based on article reading, alert activation and site navigation.
  • Creation of a personalized newsletter based on this score and business rules.
  • Automation of the creation process of this personalized daily newsletter.
  • Etat de l’art des méthodes de recommandation pour pouvoir recommander 10 articles récents aux lecteurs.
  • State of the art of recommendation methods to recommend 10 recent articles to readers.
  • Model performance comparison
  • Putting the chosen solution into production


  • Creation of DashBoard to visualize the KPIs, followed by the sales teams and journalists.
  • Validation of the results of the personalized newsletter by the sales team and implementation of an A/B test.
  • Technical environment

    Google Cloud Plateform, BigQuery, SQL
    Data Studio, Qlik Sense
    Python, TensorFlow, pandas, Jupyter

    Together with our customers, we build solutions that change and facilitate their daily lives.

    Aide à la création de médicaments

    Plateforme d’analyse de besoins clients

    Conception et industrialisation du SI analytics

    Prédiction de retards

    Analyse de visage pour recommandation produits

    Application d’optimisation de la Supply Chain

    Scoring et analyse
    de la peau

    Analyse de Forums

    Personnalisation de contenu

    Analyse des activités de support IT

    Détection de tendances sur les réseaux sociaux

    de beaconing

    Outil de classification de documents

    Détection de cancer via Deep Learning

    Conception de plateforme de veille stratégique

    des champs agricoles

    Conception du Data Hub et implémentation

    Analyse et prévention des problèmes Skype

    Assistant d’aide à la recherche

    Classification de pages Web