Analysis and prevention of Skype problems

Context et problematic

In order to reduce the number of support tickets generated, the digital workspace team wants to be able to quickly identify the main causes of problems encountered by users, and even prevent them.

The client is particularly interested in incidents on the Skype tool, which is used massively by the company’s employees.


Demonstrate the value of the data collected.
Identify and fix at least one significant source of problems.
Automate the tool.

Our intervention

1 Data Scientist

  • Defining the data to be extracted with Skype and telephony experts
  • Pre-processing of the extracted data
  • Development of the analysis tool based on an interactive Sunburst chart
  • Automation and provision of the tool


Several problems (infrastructure, third party attack) already solved thanks to the analysis done for the solution
V2 planned soon !

Technical environment

Python (Jupyter, plotly, pandas, dash)

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